Kayalar Kimya’s growth strategy is based on a mission that focuses on innovat ive products and services as well as having fast and flexible action taking c apabilities and being open to global markets.

Founded in 1976, Kayalar Kimya provides a stable and reliable production environment of total 59.000 m2 area, equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge automation system. With its 60000 tons of capacity Kayalar Kimya is one of the Europe’s largest paint and varnish manufacturers and 79th biggest paint company in the world as listed in Coatings World, 2019.

Kayalar Kimya started production of Düfa paints in Turkey after concluding a partnership contract in 2005 with Meffert AG, a German company operating 9 factories all around the world; the company acquired all rights of this partnership in 2009 and is the sole owner of Kayalar-Meffert AG. DÜFA, which produces environment and human health conscious, practical, water based paint products, gained a place in the Turkish market quickly with its superior German technology and EU-class quality.

Düfa added a novel touch to the market with its “Master of Paint” motto and offers over thousands of color options with Mix machine coloring technology.