Kayarlar Kimya, established in 1976 in Istanbul, directs the sector standards as today’s global company. Kayalar Kimya is the leader of wood coating system sector in Turkey with a market share of 23 % and it is Europe’s 5th largest paint and varnish manufacturer with a production capacity of 60 thousand tons at production facilities located in Turkey and Spain on total area of 59 thousand m2.

The Coatings World List, which announces the most prestigious companies of paint and varnish sector all around the world, listed Kayalar Kimya as the 76th company in 2013 and the company sustains its success in wood coating systems also in architectural paints. Kayalar Kimya started production of Düfa paints in Turkey after concluding a partnership contract in 2005 with Meffert AG, a German company operating 9 factories all around the world; the company acquired all rights of this partnership in 2009 and is the sole owner of Kayalar-Meffert AG.  

DÜFA Boya, which produces environment and human health conscious, practical, water based paint products, gained a place in the Turkish market quickly with its superior German technology and EU-class quality. Düfa added a novel touch to the market with its “Master of Paint” motto and offers over 70 thousand color options with Mix machine coloring technology.

In addition to water based interior and exterior wall products, Düfa has PROFITEC construction site group which is very popular among professionals and also Düfa Thermal brand in  insulation systems.